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Ready to take control of your fitness & nutrition? Then The Flex & Sweat 28 Day  Challenge is for you !

This  28 Day Challenge is designed to help provide you with the tools you need to create an effective and sustainable fitness and nutrition regimen without any drastic & super restrictive measures. 

Challenge Dates Aug 9th - Sep 5th 



The  enrollment  fee for the 28 Day Challenge is ONLY $50 and includes, your 28 day  training program , nutrition guide, progress tracking, and regular check-ins with Bowflex Barbie.  You have a choice between a home training program with or without equipment (dumbbells and Barbie Mini Bands or Mini Loop Bands )  or you can select a gym-based guide if you've got access to a  gym with both machines and free weights. 

For this challenge, you'll have different styles of workouts ranging from interval/timed workouts, to circuit style and superset style. 


 All training and nutrition   programs are designed to help you train all your major muscle groups &  reduce your body fat and promote lean muscle while giving you sustainable results.  

Once you sign up you'll receive a registration confirmation email within 24 hours.

Nutrition guides will be sent via email on the Friday before the challenge begins  and app download invitations will be sent out on Sunday before the challenge begins. 

The app is  where the full program will be uploaded.

( Be sure to check your spam folders on these days if you don't receive your emails by 5pm EST) 


 If you are currently enrolled in a challenge, your program will be switched over. 

You'll have access to me (Bowflex Barbie) through the messenger in the app and all workouts are accompanied by video demos and instructions done by me so you'll know how to complete all of  your workouts . 

If you have any questions before signing up, you can send an email to dekel@bowflexbarbie.com


DISCLAIMER: Bowflex Barbie Fitness is in no way liable for any injuries or illness sustained while completing this program. Please consult your doctor before beginning this regimen if you are unsure whether this program is suitable for you. If you require more information before signing up, please contact me at dekel@bowflexbarbie.com

MEDIA RELEASE: Please note your photos uploaded to the training app and for the contest may be used in Bowflex Barbie social media promotions. If you're uncomfortable with this, please send Dekel an email at dekel@bowflexbarbie.com after signing up. Title your email " Confidentiality Request" and your photos will not be shared. 

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DB & Barbie Bands Program

No Equipment Program

Gym Program