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Build Strong & Sexy Glutes With Me !

Program is scheduled to start on Mondays so your program will be set up to begin the Monday after you register 


If you're ready to improve the strength, shape and size of your glutes from the comfort of your home with minimal equipment then BBG28 is the program for YOU !

You can add these workouts into your existing fitness regimen or use it as your main workout regimen as well. 

In this 28-Day Online Program you'll get

  • Access To Bowflex Barbie App

  • (3) weekly glute focused workouts scheduled in the app per week workouts will be on average 60 mins long 

  • Cardio Protocols for the week

  • Demo Videos For All Workouts

  • Progress Tracking & Check- Ins

  • Healthy Eating Nutrition Guide 

Please see the list of equipment you'll need for the program: 

  • Pair of dumbbells ( recommended 10lb+ more ) 

  • Barbie Mini Bands ( or any brand of mini loop bands) 

  • Barbie Power Band ( 13mm or 22mm - or any brand of long loop resistance band) 

  • Barbie Step Board ( or any aerobics step/ elevated board like a short step stool) 

  • Barbie  Booty Pump (BP)  Band / Hip Thrust Band 

You can find all of these items in Nassau & Freeport, Bahamas at Fitness Connection Stores 

All items are also available online

( with the exception of the step board )


For online orders we offer delivery to Nassau, U.S. Shipping & Nassau pickup 

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