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Build Strong & Sexy Glutes With Me !

Starting Nov 7th, I'll be sharing all the movements and training techniques that have helped me improve my glute shape + strength over the years. 

In this 28-Day Online Program you'll get

  • Access To Bowflex Barbie App

  • (3) workouts scheduled in the app per week workouts will be on average 60 mins long 

  • (1) Virtual Train-Along Workout Per Week ( will be recorded if you cant make the live) 

  • Cardio Protocols 

  • Demo Videos For All Workouts

  • Progress Tracking & Check- Ins

  • Healthy Eating Nutrition Guide 

Please see the list of equipment you'll need for the program: 

  • Pair of dumbbells ( recommended 10lb+ more ) 

  • Barbie Mini Bands ( or any brand of mini loop bands) 

  • Barbie Power Band ( 13mm or 22mm - or any brand of long loop resistance band) 

  • Barbie Step Board ( or any aerobics step/ elevated board like a short step stool) 

  • Barbie  Booty Pump (BP)  Band / Hip Thrust Band 

You can find all of these items in Nassau & Freeport, Bahamas at Fitness Connection Stores 

All items are also available online

( with the exception of the step board )


For online orders we offer delivery to Nassau, U.S. Shipping & Nassau pickup