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Introducing the Flex Squad Ambassador Program by Bowflex Barbie!


Are you a passionate fitness enthusiast looking to take your journey to the next level? Join the Flex Squad Ambassador Program and become a part of an exclusive community of like-minded women dedicated to living a healthy and empowered lifestyle. As a Flex Squad Ambassador, you will enjoy a wide range of exciting benefits and opportunities that will amplify your fitness journey like never before.


Program Benefits:


  1. Free Bowflex Barbie Merchandise: Gain free access to Bowflex Barbie merchandise, representing your dedication to fitness and inspiring others on their own fitness journeys.

  2. Online Programs: Unlock the full potential of your fitness goals with complimentary access to Bowflex Barbie's renowned online programs. These programs are designed to challenge and empower you while providing guidance and support.

  3. Local Classes and Events: Attend local classes and events organized by Bowflex Barbie, giving you the opportunity to connect with fellow ambassadors and fitness enthusiasts. Experience the power of a supportive fitness community firsthand.

  4. 10% Discount Code: Share the love of Bowflex Barbie with your friends and followers! Receive a unique 10% discount code to share with your network, helping them kickstart their fitness journey while earning commissions on each sale made using your code.

  5. Commissions: Get rewarded for your influence and passion! Earn 10% commissions on each sale generated through your unique discount code. Inspire others and earn while doing it.




  1. Social Media Posts: Create a minimum of 4 high-quality social media posts per month showcasing your experiences with Bowflex Barbie products and programs. Share your transformation, fitness tips, and motivational content to inspire others on their journey.

  2. Program News and Updates: Spread the excitement! Share the latest news about new program cycles, product launches, and upcoming events with your followers and network. Keep them engaged and informed about the incredible opportunities available through Bowflex Barbie Fitness.

  3. Photo and Video Promo Shoots: As a local ambassador, you may be invited to participate in exclusive photo and video promotional shoots, podcasts, YouTube shoots and the like. Showcase your dedication, share your story, and be featured alongside other inspiring ambassadors.


Join the Flex Squad Ambassador Program today and become an integral part of the Team Bowflex Barbie Fitness  movement, empowering women worldwide to reach their fitness goals and live their best lives. Together, we'll help more women look and feel amazing !


Are you ready to flex? Apply now and let your fitness journey soar to new heights with Bowflex Barbie's Flex Squad Ambassador Program!

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