Custom Meal Plans

Bowflex Barbie  is ready to help you tackle the challenge of nutrition in your fitness journey. 

If you need help with structure and just what to eat for your goals, then a custom nutrition plan would be the perfect guide for you 

There are 2 meal plan options available


Option 1: Basic Meal Plan guide:

This option includes a customized plan designed to fit your specific goals and needs. It  includes menus, macro calculations based on your goals & activity levels, recipe book  and grocery list.


Option 2 : Deluxe Meal Plan w/ Bi-weekly Program Updates

This option includes a customized program designed to fit your specific goals and needs. It is complete with sample menus, food list, grocery list,  , instructions & tips for following your plan and also allows you access to the Bowflex Barbie Fitness app to upload and track your progress stats and photos.


You will also have access to coaching and accountability check-ins with Bowflex Barbie bi-weekly, who may make tweaks to your plan based on how you're progressing. This plan is $165 for 4 weeks * You'll have lifetime access to the guide* 


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