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Buttons and buttons As an interface is the main way for a user to interact with software and hardware, buttons are used to allow the user to control the interface. Common examples are a : Button that confirms or cancels an operation by clicking on it Button that "completes" or "accepts" a process by clicking on it Buttons can be : Simple Checkable Toggle Groupable Checkable Checkable means that the button can be checked : when pressed, it reveals a list of options. Checking a checkbox makes the option selected, whereas unchecking the box deselects the option. Examples are a checkbox at the end of an option list to indicate that the option was selected or an on/off switch with two lights to indicate the two possible states. The : Checkbox Radio button Toggle button Complex Plain Status Plain Plain buttons are simply a rectangle (or rounded rectangle) with no icon, text or other decoration. Status Status buttons are used to convey information to the user in order to improve the user experience. The common usage is to display a status of a process, event or feature on the user interface. Examples are a status bar indicating that a file transfer is being initiated, a status indicating that the user is logged in, a status informing the user of the connection to the server. Complex Complex buttons allow more information to be communicated by the button itself. The complexity is a list of icons or other visual indicators to indicate the meaning of the button. Examples of this include a : Help button Download button Close button Download button with multiple downloads Close button with multiple open windows File button Open button Save button Save as button Toggle button with multiple states Toggle Toggle buttons are buttons that toggle between two states. Some examples are a : Toggle switch Latch Slide switch Modal window A modal window is a window that appears over the top of the application window that owns it. The modal window is : a login screen a confirmation box a dialog box a wizard Forms and dialogs A form is an area on a web page where a user enters data (user input) into a form. 



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