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6 Packs Are For Everyone

Being a fitness instructor to women, I have been asked about how to get abs roughly 9,924,838 times. Most women and men alike, start their fitness journey hoping to sculpt and tone their midsections.

Well I have great news, everyone can have a 6 pack. As a matter of fact we all have 6 packs its just that some of us just have a little-or a lot, more layers of fat covering them, than others. Thats okay though, because the science behind revealing your 6 pack and stripping your layers is pretty simple- in theory of course .

SO... the equation to a 6 pack is *drumroll please*

NUMBER 1: get rid of excess body fat !

NUMBER 2: make sure your abdominal muscles are NOT underdeveloped !

Pretty simple right? Getting your 6 pack may involve one of these or a combination of both.

For women the ideal range is under 20% and men should be in the teens or lower. Ways to help decrease your body fat percentage are incorporating HIIT( High Intensity Interval Training) into your workout regimen, and ensuring your cardiovasular exercise and resistance training is frequent, challenging and aadequate . AND most importantly, body fat percentage decrease is super super dependent on what foods you do and don't eat. We have heard the famous saying "abs are made in the kitchen" ... yea they are made -and lost there. Remember that food = fuel not therapy.

Underdevelopment of abdominal muscles means that though you may have an ideal body fat percentage theres just nothing showing - this means you will have to build up your abdominal muscles so they are visible. This means you will need to up the difficulty level of the exercises you're doing and or add more resistance to them. It could also mean doing more weight training exercises that engage your core as well.

The ways to achieve these goals vary per person. A lot of factors come into play when choosing types of training and dieting like ; genetics, past training history, health conditions and the list goes on. However, finding the formula that works for you is a part of the journey. Get a trainer you trust, seek dietary advice, and most importantly embrace the opportunity for self discovery, overcome hurdles(they will be there) and celebrate successes no matter the size and last but not least trust the process!

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