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STRONG IS SEXY #FitnessSistas

Message from the writer:

One of this weeks featured fitness sistas is none other than Lakeisha Miller. I remember the first time seeing her on stage I was blown away and so were many others. She has always been one to give me advice and motivation along my joueny and it is with great pleasure that I share some of her story with you all.

Thanks again Keisha !


BBFF/NPC Figure Competitor

When did your fitness journey begin?

My fitness jounery begin in 1999 one year right after giving birth to my Son!I didn't like the way my physique had changed so I started working out...I didn't started seriously lifting until 2005.

What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment/proud moment thus far?

My biggest accomplishment was 2014 making a strong come back after a 3years break when it was doubted that I could by many.

What has been the hardest part of your journey?

The hardest part of my fitness jounery was my first year of competition I had entered into a whole different world it wasnt track&flied or ballet anymore, it was the early morning runs and lifting... I can honestly say bodybuilding is a whole different level of discipline sacrifices determination hard work and not to mention the dieting. I would always pray for strength and the ability to be mentally strong along side my Son,family and my team mate Lorraine Laflure.

What or who inspires you? Who is your biggest role model?

I have a few role modelsmy Father is one he has supported and encourage me every single day he would say Keish you got this just stay focus and once you are lock in mentally you are on your way(yass I'm a Daddys girl) my coach IFBB Joel Stubbs he's just PHENOMENAL! Dell Thomas I grew up watching every show she competed in and watch her train in Gold's Gym in amazement,Lorraine Laflure,Tammy Stubbs and Jan Johnson.

Who is your #1 Supporter?

My biggest support is my Sonhe's always so encouraging and supportive no matter what...some days I feel so drained and tired and he always remains me to get up and get goinghe always says Mum you get this stay focus"no days off muscles"

What message would you send to women who think lifiting weights will "make you look like a man"

I would say to the ladies that lifting does not make you look like a man it makes you a stronger you...and it depends on what type level of training you are doing along with nutrition.Lifting give you a leaner and a sexier curvy physique.No need to fear lifting you should fear not lifting...lifting+lean muscle+sexy curvy physique =forever young

What valuable lessons has fitness taught you along your journey ?

It has teached me so many things like DISCIPLINE, MENTAL STRENGTH most of all learning my body and nutritional values.

What is your favorite healthy meal?

My favorite healthy meal would be chicken breast and veggies brown rice and black beans (off season)

Favorite cheat meal?

Egg and rice or sushi

What is your favorite quote ?

Everything in life is a process for progress

You can be sure to follow Lakeisha's journey here as she prepares for her 2016 season

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