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STRONG IS SEXY #FitnessSistas

Message from the writer:

Jamila Mallory is a featured Fitness Sista of the week. She is truly a beauty inside and out. I've had the chance to get to know her a bit after CAC 2015, where she earned her pro card. She is definitely someone I respect and always sends motivation and good vibes my way, and it is with great pleasure that I share a bit of her and her story with you all.

Thank you J !


IFBB Womens Physique Pro


When and Why did your fitness journey begin?

My journey started a year ago, February 8, 15. I've always been into sports- basketball being my main sport. I really wanted to challenge myself in something else and chose to do bodybuilding.

Your biggest accomplishment/proud moment?

On August 13, 15- Night of Champions, Bermuda. Placing 1st in the women's physique was awesome! My biggest proud moment would be when I competed in Nassau Bahamas at CAC's and placed 1st in the short class , then 1st as the overall winner for Women's Physique. That win allowed me to obtain my pro card. It was a total shock to me because it was only my second time competing. Tears instantly... it was a proud moment indeed!

What was/is the hardest part of your fitness journey and how did you overcome it ?

The hardest part was trying to push through when I felt like giving up. We're not super human, even when people may think we are. Some days I felt as if I couldn’t get through but I talked to myself and said, J you're on a mission...why come this far and quit now? I kept focused and made sure that I had positive people around me to keep in that frame of mind.

Who is your biggest role model?

I really don’t have one to be honest.

Who is your biggest supporter?

My biggest supporter is my husband. He has helped me so much and has a lot knowledge about bodybuilding.

What message would you send to the women who are “afraid to look like a man” if they lift?

First and foremost do it for yourself! If you're happy with who you are then that is all that matters. You're beautiful with or without muscles. Muscles doesn’t define who you are, your heart does. There is nothing wrong with muscles!

What has been the most valuable life lesson fitness has taught you?

It has taught me that you only have one temple and we should take care of it. It's not only for having a summer body but it is a lifestyle!

Favorite healthy meal

Sweet potato, steak and vegetables

Favorite cheat meal

Pizza or anything sweet

Your favorite quote

Be yourself! God created only one you, you're special, unique and beautiful!

Be sure to follow Jamila's journey to her pro debut

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