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STRONG IS SEXY #FitnessSistas

This weeks featured fitness sista is the Bahamas' very own Carina Ferguson. Special thanks to Carina for allowing me to conduct the interviewand for being so open and real with her responses. You challenged me to look at things from a different perspective and I really can appreciate that and hope that readers take as much inspiration from your story as I did.

I truly enjoyed learning more about you and your journey, and look forward to witnessing your future successes.

Thanks again !


BBFF/NPC Bikini Competitor

When did you get into fitness & why?

I walked into the gym in January 2010 at 110lbs standing 5.6”. This was the smallest I had ever been and knew that the only way I would gain weight was to start exercising. With this being said, as I was living in Abaco at the time with no sports available, the gym was my only option. I hired a trainer; Charles Burnside and un-be-known to me then, started what has now become a fitness journey. Today, approximately 5 years later I weigh a comfortable 135lbs (off-season) with one year of competition under my belt. So, unlike most women who join the gym to lose weight, I joined to gain by lifting weight.

What would you say is/was your biggest fitness-fear?

For most woman their biggest fear is to “look like a man”. For me, again contrary to the norm, I feared not being able to gain enough muscle. It took a lot of discipline and with the right diet plan and training regime I was able to achieve my goals.

With this being said, ladies there is no such thing as “too much muscle”! To each their own, get to where you want to be and then maintain it. Just because you lift doesn’t mean you will continue to get more muscle, you will just get stronger!

Describe your perfect day at the gym

My perfect day at the gym include a killer glute and hamstring workout that sends me home walking like a crab and makes me feel like a crippled woman every time I have to sit on the toilet! Second best day would be 24-48hrs after back when I go to put on deodorant and walk around in circles because I know how much it’s going to hurt to apply the deodorant. I always get a good laugh at myself those mornings. As a fitness athlete, it is rewarding when you can feel muscle fibers tearing and repairing themselves. It is confirmation and motivation that you are doing it right, that you are going to see gains, that all that blood, sweat and tears are all worth it!

What motivates you to get up and train as consistently as you do?

First and foremost, one I set my mind to something and commit to the results, I almost become obsessed to achieve the goal. The beautiful thing about weight training is it is a personal challenge. Every day I wake up and set a goal in the gym, even if it’s to simply not rest on a set that I may not have been able to complete the week before. As I am the contrary to the average gym-goer, I enjoy the pain and exhaustion I feel after a good workout. I always say, I must release higher amounts of Endorphins and Serotonin because I just love to workout.

Last but not least … Straight up … When you put on that outfit and it fits in all the right places! There is a sense of inner strength that cannot be described.

Who is your biggest supporter?

My biggest supporter. This is a hard one. I have so many friends and family that are extremely supportive! There is simply no way I could single out one person because I have so many people that support me in their own way. Everyday someone sends me a text; “Don’t fall of the wagon”, “I’m drinking for the two of us tonight!” … “I got fresh fish for you!”. These are what keep me going with a smile! And with this said, I would like to thank all of you! You know who you are! I will say a special thanks to my trainer this year, he has been phenomenal!

Have you experienced any roadblocks? Negativity or obstacles throughout your fitness journey? How did you deal with them?

I think every athlete at some point in their career experiences a road block of some sort. About 3 years ago I experienced a severe case of sciatica down my right side. All of a sudden I went from spotted 315lbs squats to struggling with 135lbs. I was up to 215lbs deadlift and could lift anything over 50lbs without going numb. Initially, I was discouraged and I started to become intimidated by the weights. I had workout partners and would train legs by myself because I was embarrassed. Then one day I woke up and said enough, I am going to figure this out and work around it to get back to where I was! The thing with sciatica is, all you can do is stretch, there really isn’t much else other than muscle relaxers which I refused. So after about a year of stretching and slowing adding weights, I was at about 98%. Once I got there, life was good again, I had re-gained confidence and refocused on my first year of competition.

What has been the most valuable life lesson fitness has taught you?

Discipline; Nothing good comes without hard work. There are days I go into the gym and mentally I have it but physically I’m just weak and you have to push through. Some days I have no motivation but when I start lifting it’s easy and then I become motivated. I say this to say; by being disciplined to go to the gym, follow my meal plan and simply stay on track, I am able to achieve my goals. I have played many sports, but no sport has required the discipline and focus that weight training at a competition level has demanded from me.

Favorite healthy meal

Grilled Ginger-Lemon Red Snapper with grilled zucchini and red peppers.

Favorite cheat meal

Chicken in da Bag with extra ketchup and Hot sauce!

What would you say your life “motto” is?

“Believe that Success if your only Option”

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