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Dating A FIT-Chick

This weeks topic is really an info guide to my fellas out there who love them some fit chicks. Sure, we're great to look at, but when you're ready to start a relationship with a fit chick, there's a few things you will need to be prepared for. Lucky for you, I reached out to some fit chicks and some reached out to me, to help me put together these top 5 rules, regulations and laws to help your transition into dating a fit chick be as smooth as possible.

Disclaimer: These rules are NOT in order based on importance *


Monica Teixeira said it best; " I'm always hitting the gym and training so I need a lotta fuel to keep me going! If you want me to be happy and stay happy ALWAYS have food around - or plans to get food. Because once I start getting hungry that's when the HANGRY monster comes out. And she ain't pretty. Lol luckily my boyfriend is a chef haha so I guess it kinda worked out for me"

Seem's simple enough right? Just like every woman in the world ,fit chicks love food, and usually with high metabolisms,we eat every 2.5-3 hours, so it's nice to ask her once, or twice or five times a day if she's hungry or surprise her with some food. Food is your friend !


Okay so on a more serious note, lets talk about support. It sounds straight forward, but truth is, a lot of men who date fit chicks "tolerate" their lifestyle oppose to supporting it. Tolerance means they won't stand in their way - nor will they go out of their way to help them. A man who supports his fit chick, will ensure that he does whatever he can to make sure that the journey of her reaching her goals is one that is as smooth and comfortable as it can be. That means if he has to meal prep for her, wash her gym clothes, restock her supplements, or wash out her shaker cups and sometimes listen to her rant about her training sessions, he does - without hesitation because he's truly supportive

RULE #3- accept that THEY GON' LOOK

So there's a 99.999% Chance that your fit chick squats, which means there's a 100% chance that" dudes gon' be lookin' at dat a$$. It comes with it.. just embrace it and accept it "

-Dana Burnett

This is funny, but true. At the end of the day she's on your arm, and you're still winning. Your girl works hard to build her physique day in and out and that masterpiece sitting on her frame deserves to be clothed and flaunted, right by your side. ;)


Time, effort and energy are ALL very important factors of a relationship, and while dating a fit chick, to be honest there's a bit of a compromise at some point with either all or some of these. It takes the two individuals coming together and figuring out a way to work around and work with each others schedules and time constraints the best way possible.

Monica says it best " The fit lifestyle especially for a competitor can be draining both mentally and physically. Some days I'm gonna be super tired and lethargic because I've been busting my butt since 5am chasing my goals. Not to mention my fitness goals can take up a good chunk of my time so I may not be as available to my significant other as much as he may like. But it's part of the package deal, At the end of the day. We fit chicks are a lotta of fun, super-active, down for the latest fit adventure, and got the rocking body to match BUT we definitely have some cons as well. For anyone dating a fit chick it's all about compromise and balance at the end of the day"


She's going to look to you to be her biggest supporter and biggest fan. You should always make her feel like the beautiful amazing woman that she is, that's why she's in your life right?. There should be no one who makes her feel more important that you do . Sure she will get a lot of compliments and praises but remember you know more about her and her journey and her daily struggles and successes than most do, so use your love for her inner beauty and outward beast so that you can make it known to her that you're her support house.

Extra tips from the writer :

My 25 cents:

- Work hard to keep her happy and she should do the same for you.

- Keep the communication constant, and open and do what works best for the both of you.

- Understand that what she values and loves is of high importance in her life and so it becomes of high importance in yours

I am by no means a relationship coach lol but I do know that these are things I expect from my partner for a loving, happy and healthy relationship.

Ladies, what are some more rules and tips you can think of? Fellas did I miss anything ? Share below !

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