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Barbie of the Week - Jeri Kelly #StrongWomenEmPOWERed

Following an eventful weekend, of bodybuilding and comradery, I wanted to take this time to shine the spotlight on a client and friend of mine, Jeri Kelly.

Jeri reached out to me a few months ago telling me she wanted to compete, and explained her situation. She was living in Andros and had limited resources as far as a gym and equipment. She invested in some home equipment and made use of what she had, and I designed her workouts and meal plan to prepare her to take on the stage.

Screenshot of Jeris May Progress Photo uploaded to the Bowflex Barbie Fitness Training App

When she came home to Freeport on short breaks from her studies, she worked alongside my coach, Caudel McNab and I , and we focused on fine tuning her posing and made very good use of the resources at the YMCA for the duration of her trips.

Screenshot of Jeris June Progress Picture uploaded to the the Bowflex Barbie Fitness Training App

I was so proud that Jeri not only followed through with her plan to step on stage but she did it gracefully and without complaining. There wasn't a trainer standing over her every day, nor someone watching her every move to make sure she stuck to her diet but she was committed to seeing the results she was after and never gave up.

Screenshot of Jeris July Progress Picture Uploaded to the Bowflex Barbie Fitness App

I truly commend Jeri for her hard work, peristence, and for trusting the process. She asked a lot of questions and I did my best to answer them all, as I remember being in the same place she was in not long ago.

On competition night Jeri truly shined like the gem that she is and I was oh so happy I was able to witness it, and play a part in helping her to reach her goals!

Jeri and Bowflex Barbie at BBFF Northern Bahamas Championships

Here are a few words Jeri shared after posting the above photo to social media:

"So there ya go!!! Bikini Competition…Checked off the Bucket List!!...My fitness journey has become full circled and God has his way of completion. It began yearsss ago after a parent/teacher day at FAHS. I was in grade 9 at the age of 11yrs and weighing 185lbs! I got a B in P.E 😅 and Mom(Coralee) went to speak with Mrs. Roveena Nesbitt. That conversation changed my life! She told us how she met and knew my mommy (Princess) and how both of them went for treatments for breast cancer together and supported one another through the illness. She went on to say how living a fit and healthy lifestyle helped her body fight the illness and recover from chemo. Her words meant a lot to me as I struggled with the fear of also being diagnosed with breast cancer in my adult life (I no longer have that fear btw) so I took charge and bit by bit I became active. I did a little bit of long distance running in high school but Karate and Martial Arts was my thang! In college I reverted and with the pressures of real life and studying I gained weigh and at 19 I was 200lbs with aching knees and digestive issues 😪. So I made it a mission again to become active and within a year I lost 20lbs and graduated college at 180 in 2011..the following years I fluctuated between 170-180 and was comfortable. Mother Jones always said that 180 was the best size for a Jones gal! Lol Okkkkkayyyy Mama lol But! While at UWI I met a Bajan gal @ashlauren90 challenged me to consider a bikini competition (I'm sure she don't remember) and I decided to take it on at some point in my life. Last year I began my journey…my first motivator was the lil cuz Celine aka Leany! @getlean_celine journey to the stage was remarkable and her confidence was nothing short of amazing! Love ya chick! Then the stunning Dekel Nesbitt (Mrs Nesbitt's daughter) made her debut and took bodybuilding to another level! After reaching out to her, the adventure began! Thank you Bowflex Barbie for assisting me to completing this bucket list task lol To know that you've helped keep the flame blazing from the spark your mommy lit is truly only God! Continue to push the limits and be a light for others even when it's unknown!! 💋😘"

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