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Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision To Try #MotivationMonday

I made a decision early June, that on July 9th, 2016, I would compete in the Women's Physique Division at NPC Southern States. I have been competing in figure since I began in 2015, but I have always admired pro level Women's Phsique Competitors, so I decided to compete in Figure on Friday and try my hand at WPD at Saturday's show.

Having zero expereince with posing for this new division, I reached out to the first ever IFBB Women's Physique Pro, Karina Nascimento for some help when I got into Florida. We met up at her gym in Boca and spent about a few hours working and fine tuning my posing routine.

Bowflex Barbie's Posing Session With IFBB Pro Karina Nascimento

I was nervous, but equally as excited about my debut. Figure went well on Friday where I took home two silvers, so I felt good about that and was able to get a good nights rest ( unfortunately no post show food fun) and prepare for the next big day ahead

Bowflex Barbie's WPD Debut- NPC Southern States 2016

A lot of people questioned my decision to compete in WPD, some supported it as well, but at the end of the day, despite placing 4th at the show when I was hoping for top three, I came out of the experience with so much more than a trophy.

I made the decision to follow my heart, to go out on a limb, regardless of what others would think, regardless of my inexperience, and I gave it a try and had an absolute blast. The opportunities that my decision opened up as a result of my decision are truly a blessing, and I have absolutely no regrets.

I plan to continue training, and pushing toward my goal of bringing my best body to the last two shows of the 2016 season. I've decided to return to my first love - figure for now but I know that in the end wherever my heart leads me, my training, passion, discipline ,hard work, my coach and true supporters will follow as well.

Motivational Message from the writer:

Follow your heart, if it makes you happy then you have every right to go after it with everything you have. Never let anyone or anything convince you otherwise. It may take some time but never give up on your passion. You'll never know how rewarding it will be until you try.

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