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5 Reasons Ladies Should Squat

#1. Strength & Toning

Squats do more than target glutes and quads- They also activate

the lower back, hamstrings, calves and even abs. Squats also promote a small increase in testosterone levels (not enough to make you freak out ladies) but what that increase does is, promotes muscular development and toning of the entire body all while improving the cardiovascular system as well - not bad at all !

#2. Blast Away Fat

The correlation of fat burning and squats is another pretty awesome perk. This complex exercise with weights, helps to burn a great deal of calories in comparison to other leg -day- favorites like leg extensions and curls. Squats help to develop overall muscle mass & development and also assist in burning calories even while at rest!

#3 Physical Fitness & Performance

Squats are indeed one of the BEST functional exercises to have in your regimen, and one of my all time favorites if you cant tell :) but they also help to make the execution of daily tasks a lot easier like lifting, jumping, running (if those are in your daily routine lol) all while giving you a great physically fit physique to carry around.

#4. Fewer Injuries

Because squats strengthen muscles, joints and ligaments, help to improve balance and flexibility of ankles, hips, back and knees it's no secret that squats (when done correctly) help reduce the risk of injury and strengthen the body for other functional lifts as well.

#5. Sexy Posterior

Let's face it, clothes look, feel and fit better when squats are in the picture ladies ;) Bowflex Barbie's Booty Bootcamp Program shows you how to squat for your goals .

Next time you drop it like a squat, remember all these amazing benefits ! Your body and the booty will thank you ;)

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