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Dump Your Fad Diets

If you are tired of the yo-yo effect of starting and stopping, losing some weight and gaining it back plus some more, STOP with the super restrictive, fad diets and find something you can sustain.

Changing your eating habits, changing your relationship with food, adjusting your lifestyle is what really fosters lasting and sustainable results. As a competitor , yes I have a prep diet but I've also accepted that when I come off that diet my body fat % will inevitably change and my weight will go up as well . I also know that transitioning into my off season lifestyle eating is super important to keep my metabolism functioning properly and to keep my hormone levels in tact- I had to learn to do this, it took some learning my body and how it responds as well. So for you, whose adapting fitness as a lifestyle and not just a 4 week, get ready for my birthday or the beach mission, the way you fuel your body on a regular basis is important and shouldn't be dictated by a 30 day "diet plan" regardless of the proven results, because that doesn't matter if you can't adopt these changes and habits for the rest of your life. Who wants to get super sexy and fit and can't maintain it? Or be super miserable forever eating foods they don't enjoy. Create a healthy relationship with food. Find the balance between fueling your body effectively, for your goals and also know how to still enjoy the foods you love. Even on prep, every single week i have one meal that's not on my plan, to give me the mental break I need to stick to my plan going forward. I totally understand that not everyone is cut out to follow a specific eating plan like me, and that perfectly fine. What is important though, is that the quality of food that you consume on your journey should be good, whole foods and that your body is getting the macros it needs on a daily basis to function at its best.

Here are some tips to sustainable and effective eating ●Figure out your ideal caloric intake based on your goal- myfitnesspal is great for this

●Figure out what those calories will come from, what will your macros look like? How much protein, fats and carbs will you take in on a daily and what will their sources be? This may require some research and trial and error while monitoring how your body responds to certain splits

●Allow yourself room to learn - this is a process, remember it's a lifestyle and adjustments will need to be made at some point as you learn your body and what makes it feel and function at its best.

●Ask for help or research things and topics you aren't familiar with. There's a wealth of info out there as well as professionals that are willing to help you gain clarity.

In the end you want to achieve your fitness goals, aesthetic & weight targets but you also want to be able to maintain them over time. Fad diets - unless you can sustain them ( which you most likely can't) are not the answer.

If you need help with fitness nutrition planning and or fitness training , gym or at home, feel free to reach out to our team !

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