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Baked Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

This weekend, I was in the mood for a nice chicken sandwich, but didn't want to resort to fast food. I got on the internet and started looking up some healthy alternatives to fried chicken sandwiches and decided to experiment.

I went into the grocery store with my list, and like most women, ended up buying more things that weren't on the list than what was. What started out as a quest to make an oven fried chicken sandwich slowly turned into a buffalo chicken sandwich with broccoli slaw and sweet potato fries as the side.

When I posted the photos of my meal - that was AMAZING by the way , to my Insta stories, I got a lot of requests for the recipe and so I decided to share this blog post with how quick and easy this sandwich was to make.

If you try it , be sure to let me know how it turns out ! Make sure you subscribe to the website to get updates for when the full recipe book drops !

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