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ABOUT team bowflex barbie fitness 

Bowflex Barbie Fitness began in 2014 and was founded by Dekel '' Bowflex Barbie" Quant, who is the company's lead instructor . Dekel's personal fitness journey started back in 2008 shortly after losing her mom to breast cancer. She tagged along with her brother and dad to the gym,and has been hooked ever since. Dekel credits fitness to getting her through the hardest time in her life and believes that her pain led her to her passion which led her to her purpose. 

Dekel aims to share her passion for fitness with as many people as she can in hopes that fitness can be as rewarding to them in their lives, as it has been in hers.


Dekel currently offers personal training and online coaching with Team Bowflex Barbie Fitness and aims to help as many people as possible look and feel amazing ! 



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