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barbie sliders demo videos

Low Reverse Lunge

Sliding Burpee

Jack Squats 

Sliding Pushups

Slider Prone Angels 

SL Bridge Tucks 

Skater Lunges

SL Mountain Climbers

Side Lunges

Rev Table Top Extensions 

Side Knee Tucks 

Rev Lunges

Push Up Wipers 

Posterior Plank to L - Sit 


Plank Jacks 

Leg Circles 

Modified Plank Jack 

Mountain Climbers

Lateral Crossover

Kneeling Adductors 


Knee Tucks 

Drop Squats 


Curtsy Lunges

Cross Body Mountain Climbers

Bridge Tucks 

Bird Dog & Abduction 

Arm Circles 

Arm Cross Unders

Arm Slides 

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