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Nothing To Lose

This prep for my first 2016 show, The Arnold Amateur ( March 3rd-6th) , is definitely one to remember. Starting out I didn’t have the excitement I had with prepping for my first show, neither the drive that I had for my second and I didn’t have the gritty determination like I did for my third BUT there was a fire burning, burning bright enough to keep me pushing through prep through the temptation-filled holiday’s, through the fifteen pounds I had put on during my off season, and through a super hectic schedule at work. This prep was both physically and mentally harder than any one before it, and I think that’s what makes it so special to me. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I knew the rewards and long term benefits of conditioning my body this early in the year would pay off.

Now at fifteen days out, I feel the excitement, drive, determination and blazing fire burning inside. The motivation to become better than I have ever been to present myself at a standard that I have never even seen- I want to blow my own mind. However, with all these emotions there was a lot of fear and doubt mixed in. The fear of being so young, so new to the sport, so inexperienced in comparison to the ladies sharing the stage with me. I questioned had I took too big of a step, should I have waited? am I crazy for setting a goal so high? and most importantly; Will I be ready?

A coach that I have so much respect for reached out to me a few days ago and said “You have nothing to lose, so relax and let your body do what it‘s supposed to” Though it was so simple, it instantly calmed my nerves, my fear of not being ready vanished ,and I stopped doubting myself and I started to trust the process again. It’s been a rough twelve weeks, lots of ups, some downs and some in-betweens. Personal life, work- life and everyday life have taken me through twists and turns this prep, but I’m so thankful for the growth I’ve experienced in so many areas of my life because of it all.

I truly know that in fifteen days when I step on stage I have absolutely nothing to lose.

Lesson Of The Day: When doubt and fear start to take over take a deep breath and relax, continue pressing forward, feed off of positive energy, trust the process, enjoy the process and enjoy the growth and lessons - YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE.

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