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Fit 4 The Fight Feature - Keffie Ann Duncombe

Welcome to this week's #Fit4TheFightFriday Feature. For the month of October, which is breast cancer awareness month. I have decided to highlight some amazing women who are cancer survivors. They share snippets of their stories of true strength and resilience and offer advice to women as well.

Today's feature is Keffie Ann Duncombe

Keffie Ann Duncombe (nee Ferguson) was born to Pearline and Hilbert Ferguson on August 9, 1971 on the picturesque island of New Providence. She was fortunate to grow up in a supportive home with six siblings, four sisters and two brothers. Keffie was an adventurous and curious child who was eager to experience all that life had to offer. Through the watchful guidance of her parents, she blossomed into a young lady who was bound for success. Prayer, determination and persistence became her mantra.

Keffie is a qualified educator currently posted at Thelma Gibson Primary School. She is also a mother to one son, Kendyll who is studying in Virginia to become a commercial pilot.

Having done her annual physical on April 15th, 2015, Keffie received a call from her primary care physician, Dr. Pamela Carroll. Dr. Carroll confirmed Keffie’s fears. She was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. Keffie was devastated by the initial news. In the midst of the sorrow, it was her son, Kendyll, who reminded her about the goodness of God. “This is not the time to give up,” he said. “We are going to fight this as a family. Your family will be here with you.”

Keffie’s family travelled with her to Tampa, Florida where she received excellent care. In Tampa, Keffie received a double mastectomy with breast reconstruction. About four weeks after the surgery, Keffie had to return to Tampa to begin the chemotherapy treatment. Keffie had to complete six cycles of chemotherapy.

The healing process was very long and very difficult one. Her siblings Florence, Phillip, Tasha and Kim and Kelly also took turn nursing Keffie back to health, offering much love and support. Pastors Mario and Erica Moxey from Bahamas Harvest Church also played a pivotal role in this process offering spiritual guidance and support. Mrs. Shona Moss-Knowles, a longtime friend, was a vessel of strength. Although she recently celebrated her fourth anniversary as a cancer survivor, Keffie is still very faithful and attends her six months checkup appointments with her physicians in Tampa.

Keffie is now an advocate for breast cancer and goes out of her way to encourage women to have annual mammograms done interviews bringing awareness to the disease.

Keffie says:


I asked Keffie " What role has fitness played in your life? "

" Fitness has always been apart of my life. I have been into fitness for many years as a child and it continued on into my adult life. I made a promise to myself very early in life to remain active. I have been the benefits of it and has made it my life style. I have just recently incorporated cycling as a part of my regimen. I have also adopted a vegan diet, totally plant based diet. I love the way it makes my body feels and I have lost over 30+ pounds. "

I asked Keffie " What words would you like to leave with our readers ?"

The one message that Keffie wants to leave with you is

" Jesus has proven himself to be faithful and He is a healer. He is a God who keeps his word. "

Keffie has learned how to depend on Jesus for daily strength. and is reminded of the words sang by Anthony Brown and group therapy called, “Trust in You.” The song says, “God did not create me to worry; God did not create me to fear, but God created me to worship daily. So I’m a leave it all right here……on the altar. God is still in control.”

Thank You again Keffie for being sharing your story to be featured on Bowflex Barbie's #Fit4TheFightFriday !

Your strength and faith are truly inspiring and we pray continued health and blessings for you and your family !

Leave a comment or word of encouragement below in the comments for Keffie & Stay tuned for our last #Fit4TheFightFriday feature coming up next week!


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