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Fit 4 The Fight Feature - Alia Patrice

Welcome to this week's #Fit4TheFightFriday Feature. For the month of October, which is breast cancer awareness month. I have decided to highlight some amazing women who are cancer survivors. They share snippets of their stories of true strength and resilience and offer advice to women as well.

Today's feature is Dr. Alia Patrice Campbell

Alia is a doctor of dental surgery, native of Grand Bahama, second of two children but not the baby (her words lol) , and a 41 year old cancer kicking mother to her son, Logan-James. Alia love’s making people smile and laugh. She also loves to sing but can’t (also her words lol ) and often says music is her religion.

Alia was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in December 2018. I asked Alia how she reacted to receiving the news of her diagnosis. She replied,

“ I honestly can’t say how I felt as I had so much on my plate .My mother was battling stage 4 lung cancer and I put myself on the back burner so to speak to be her aid. I did what I had to do, which was a double mastectomy and chemo and carried on like I had a broken finger. “

Alia has thankfully been in remission since August 2019, She is happy she caught it early and says that God was on her side in allowing her to.

I asked Alia " What role has fitness played in your life?"

“ Fitness has played a major role in my life since I could remember. With respect to my journey, my diet has changed drastically and since chemo I have had to be more intentional about my work out regimens. It will take a while to get my body back into shape but I am enjoying it so far. “

I asked Alia " What advice would you give women with regards to health & fitness? "

"My advice would be kind to yourself. We get so caught up in the “plastics” we see, that we forget that the natural journey to fitness may take some time and hard work. Rome was not built in a day so put the time and effort to get the results you would like to see. Remember your body is a temple so take care of it. "

Alia you are a fighter, strong brave and amazing. Thank you so much for sharing a glimpse into your journey and we pray for your continued health and a forever remission and healing.

You can follow Alia and her journey on Instagram at

Stay tuned for more #Fit4TheFight features coming up Friday's in October.

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Alexdia Henfield
Alexdia Henfield
Oct 16, 2020

What a #rockstar

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