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6 Fitness Tips To Take On The New Year

Congrats! If you're reading this then you've made it to 2018 and that's something to be proud of. If your 2017 was anything like mine , then I'm sure you're excited to have another year behind you and a fresh new year and new start at your fingertips.

As cliche as the world makes us think it is , and maybe rightfully so, Most of us have set "fitness goals" into our new year resolutions, yes even I have. So, my first blog post of 2018 is dedicated to helping you set the right kind of fitness goals and how to follow through with the execution process!

Tip #1

Know exactly what your goal is, write it down, and have a visual representation

Knowing you want to lose weight isn't enough. Add a number to it, add a time frame to it, look at pictures and print out the ones with the ideal body you'd like to work toward. A lot of people don't have a TRUE fitness goal just an idea, so I challenge you to know precisely what you want.Give it some thought, do some research and put pen to paper.


Cut ALL negative ties

This is true not only in fitness but in life. have an unwanted effect on your goals so they gotta go !You'll have to eliminate the dead weight if you plan to move forward. This is a hard task for a lot of people, especially when these negative people have been in our lives so long, and even more when we used to indulge in the negative habits but they will have to be let go if you plan to be great.


Create a clear action plan on how you will achieve your goals

Knowing what you want is good but putting together a "how-to" plan of action is equally or even more important. This plan should have notes on how often you'll workout, where, which days and times, what you'll eat and all that fun stuff that will help you smash those goals you set. When you're done writing/typing post it up somewhere you can see it daily and keep your eating guide in your purse/at your work station. I would recommend seeking professional guidance for fitness plans and meal plans if you're unsure on where to start.

Visit for monthly online training options and meal plans

Tip #4

Celebrate Your Success

Every little success on your journey is important. Set milestone markers for yourself and a set reward for when you hit those targets. One of my favorite rewards when I achieve small success ( and big ones) is getting a new pair of shoes!

Tip #5

Take LOTS of photos

It's really important to capture your journey so you can see your body changing

along the way. Sometimes it's hard to notice the changes simply by looking in the mirror so the photos create a great reference when it's time to look back over the months.

Tip #6


Your journey doesn't have to be boring from the workouts to the food- there are so many ways to keep things exciting and fresh ( google is your friend) and so am I ;) Its always a

good idea to browse through your favorite social media accounts for workout inspiration and recipe ideas !

Be sure to follow me on social media @Bowflexbarbiefitness ( IG) @Bowflex Barbie ( Snapchat) @Bowflex Barbie Fitness ( Facebook) @DekelNesbitt ( Twitter)

Dekel Nesbitt

Thanks for stopping by my blog ! Be sure to check out my other posts while you're here :)

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