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Unapologetically Me - Bodybuilding Beauty

It was never a dream or goal of mine to be a bodybuilder. I have always had a love for sports and was very active but bodybuilding was never in my plans. I remember in school I always would get comments on how broad my shoulders were and how muscular I was, and it made me very self conscious, as most pre-teens and teenagers are. Clothes fit awkwardly and I always seemed to stand out. In 2008 I started the gym with my dad and got hooked. I loved the pleasure of the pain that came from pushing my body to its limit. I loved watching myself get stronger and making visible improvements. Fitness became a huge part of my life, from high school to college and to my career. It's truly remarkable to look back and realize that my mom played a huge role in helping me discover my passion, and unlock my purpose.

Today the girl who never saw herself getting on any stage is a competitive bodybuilder. Though I've only been competing 2 years, I've accomplished a whole lot and learned a whole lot about myself along the way. I've had to face a lot of negativity and have listend to and read peoples opionions on me, and have had to learn to not take them to heart or let them steer me away from achieving my goals. I realize that the number of supporters and people who want to see me succeed far outnumber those who are waiting to see me fail- so I keep going.I wasn't raised to quit, or be weak so I may bend but I won't break.

Self-aware, self-driven, and self-motivated I chase after my dreams career and personal , because I know that I have to not only want it bad enough but I have to be willing to do whatever it takes to get it So I work, When I fall, I get up and work some more. I'm a Bold & beautiful bodybuilder - I stand out, and today I'm okay with that in fact I'm proud of that and I like to think that I am not redefining beauty but widening peoples perspective on what beauty is- exactly whatever you want it to be.

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