STRONG IS SEXY #FitnessSistas

Message from the writer: Jamila Mallory is a featured Fitness Sista of the week. She is truly a beauty inside and out. I've had the chance to get to know her a bit after CAC 2015, where she earned her pro card. She is definitely someone I respect and always sends motivation and good vibes my way, and it is with great pleasure that I share a bit of her and her story with you all. Thank you J ! JAMILA MALLRORY IFBB Womens Physique Pro Bermuda When and Why did your fitness journey begin? My journey started a year ago, February 8, 15. I've always been into sports- basketball being my main sport. I really wanted to challenge myself in something else and chose to do bodybuilding. Your biggest acc

STRONG IS SEXY #FitnessSistas

Message from the writer: One of this weeks featured fitness sistas is none other than Lakeisha Miller. I remember the first time seeing her on stage I was blown away and so were many others. She has always been one to give me advice and motivation along my joueny and it is with great pleasure that I share some of her story with you all. Thanks again Keisha ! LAKEISHA MILLER BBFF/NPC Figure Competitor When did your fitness journey begin? My fitness jounery begin in 1999 one year right after giving birth to my Son!I didn't like the way my physique had changed so I started working out...I didn't started seriously lifting until 2005. What would you consider to be your biggest accomplishment/pr

Strong is Sexy #FitnessSistas

In honor of #WCW I want to share a bit of these amazing fitchicks stories with you. As women, we already have so much working against us and so much pressure on us, especially related to our "image" and the "standard of beauty" of today . I'm honored that these two strong, bold and beautiful women agreed to allow me to interview them about their fitness journeys . My motive behind this blog was to inspire women to break sterotypes, and boundaries, and in the process I gained inspiration as well . It was an absolute pleasure and thank you once again ladies! Photo By: LeVar Stephens Photography ROSIAN WARRINGTON IFBB FIGURE PRO When and Why did your fitness journey begin? For me fitness has


Doesn’t sound like fun right? As athletes and fitness enthusiasts, we don’t spend hours in the gym every week, to “remain the same”. But where a lot of people go wrong is they want expedited results, and so they overtrain - not only by frequency but by keeping a repetitive level of intensity and resistance or sometimes a combination of both. Along with negative health effects, overtraining also hinders our progress and performance in the gym. Here’s the science behind it all... So workouts stress our bodies by challenging our limits of strength and endurance. If we apply the ideal amounts of stress with the right frequency, our bodies will change in response to this stress & adapt in ways t

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