Nothing To Lose

This prep for my first 2016 show, The Arnold Amateur ( March 3rd-6th) , is definitely one to remember. Starting out I didn’t have the excitement I had with prepping for my first show, neither the drive that I had for my second and I didn’t have the gritty determination like I did for my third BUT there was a fire burning, burning bright enough to keep me pushing through prep through the temptation-filled holiday’s, through the fifteen pounds I had put on during my off season, and through a super hectic schedule at work. This prep was both physically and mentally harder than any one before it, and I think that’s what makes it so special to me. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I knew the rew

6 Packs Are For Everyone

Being a fitness instructor to women, I have been asked about how to get abs roughly 9,924,838 times. Most women and men alike, start their fitness journey hoping to sculpt and tone their midsections. Well I have great news, everyone can have a 6 pack. As a matter of fact we all have 6 packs its just that some of us just have a little-or a lot, more layers of fat covering them, than others. Thats okay though, because the science behind revealing your 6 pack and stripping your layers is pretty simple- in theory of course . SO... the equation to a 6 pack is *drumroll please* NUMBER 1: get rid of excess body fat ! NUMBER 2: make sure your abdominal muscles are NOT underdeveloped ! Pretty simpl

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