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#1. Lifting Weights Will Make Me Look Like A Man

My eyes automatically roll to the back of my head every time I hear this phrase. As a trainer to women of all different fitness levels , I’ve heard this so many times, ladies come to me telling me they want to be fit but not “too bulky” and that they don’t want to “look like a man”

Truth is YES lifting weights will make a woman stronger but NO this doesn’t mean she'll physically resemble a man.

We as women don’t come close to producing the natural amount of the muscle building hormone, testosterone that men do, so it would take years, on years.. on some more years for a woman to naturally come close to achieving the “bulky and muscular” look that male bodybuilders display.

#2. Too Much Protein Is Bad and Will Make Me Big

I’ve met a lot of women who are afraid of protein shakes, and amino supplements. I think it’s crazy.... I always explain to them protein is the building blocks of muscle. Once the body breaks protein down to amino acids, it uses it for muscle repair and growth.

So when we as women train hard, run long and put in work it’s SUPER important to ensure our amino supply is sufficient, especially women who are “ calorie-conscious” so that our bodies don’t divert amino acids for other metabolic purposes.

SO.. The question shouldn’t be “ Is this too much protein I'm having ” , but instead, " Am I getting enough in “

#3. As a Woman I Don’t Need Supplements

I always tell my clients that supplement needs for women can be different depending on her lifestyle and medical history. Even though I get in six meals a day, and I eat a pretty clean, balanced diet, I still recognize that I have to supplement.

Because like a lot of women, I’m not the biggest fan of pills, mainly because I have trouble remembering to take them, I stick with 3 basic supplements

  1. Good multivitamin to ensure I get enough of each of the essential vitamins & minerals

  2. Fish Oil- because I’m so active its important to keep my joints lubricated but fish oils also carry other great benefits like helping to boost the immune system and fighting off heart disease.

  3. Whey Protein- Very important in my high protein diet and also plays a huge role in muscle recovery

With the right positive attitude, workout program ,a balanced diet, and proper supplementation nothing can stand in the way of you and your fitness goals and you shouldn’t let these myths and misconceptions hold you back !

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