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Barbie Of The Week - Stacy Minnis #StrongWomenEMPOWERWomen

I know you all are probably tired of hearing me go on and on about how one of my favorite things about fitness is that it has allowed me to meet some really strong-minded, like-minded, amazing and beautiful people, but it's really true. Stacy Minnis, this weeks " Barbie Of The Week" is a prime example.

Stacy started out with me about a year ago by completing one of my very first online challenges "Flatter in 5" I remember her sending in her progress pictures at the end, and being blown away by how small her waist was and her natural bikini-body. I could tell she stuck to the workout an meal plan as her results definitely showed. She also was a member of my boot camp for a while and with her ever-changing schedule she reached out to me a few months ago and we created an online (home and gym) plan she uses through my training app and I also meet with her twice a week for one-on-one sessions at the gym. Stacy always gives 110% and is very self motivated. She comes in, works hard and doesn't complain.

Now that I'm done giving my spill, lets get into the good stuff. I was able to interview Stacy about her fitness journey thus far and I learned a lot more about her and gained even more respect for her as well.

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Name: Anastascia Minnis (Stacy)

Age: 28

Occupation: Police Officer

When did you become interested in fitness and why?

For most of my adult life I've been interested in fitness for health and body image purposes as well as to stay in shape because my job requires it.

What made you want to train with Bowflex Barbie Fitness? And how has your experience been?

I was always secretly fascinated by bikini models and women that do light weight lifting but my fear was looking too masculine. When I came across Dekel on social media I admired that she was fit and still possess the epitome of femininity. That was major inspiration for me so I decided to reach out for assistance. The experience so far has been a good one. I like that fact that with my busy work/life schedule, we can arrange home and gym time to get the work done and the support is amazing. The push is even more!

What / Who keeps you motivated ? Do you ever want to just give up? How do you get over that hump?

Of course the thought of quitting hits me, especially midway through a strenuous workout session. But the perfectionist in me wouldn't allow it, even if I have to alter my workouts just to get it done. My motivation is having my ideal body, my daughter inspires me when I'm at home working out (she joins in) and my trainer. #bodygoals

Whats your favorite training day/exercise?

Circuits I think are my favorite. I get a full body workout plus in switching up the exercise one part of my aching body gets minimal relief while working on the other. But squats are a girl's bestfriend.

Favorite healthy meal and cheat meal?

My favorite healthy meal would be a grill chicken salad with a good ol' vinaigrette dressing. I'm not too fussy with food. My cheat meal would be a typical Bahamian dinner (all starches included) and something sweet to follow.

Do you ever get people asking you “why are you working out” if so what’s your response

Yes! That's the number one question if I'm out and about in gym attire. The favorite question, "What you working out for, you don't have nothing to lose?" My response would normally be, "I'm not trying to lose nothing, nor am I trying to gain either. Besides working out is not only about weight loss, do you know the health factors and other benefits of working out?" But recently I've come up with a new response especially for negative and rude persons when they ask that famous question, my response is simply "The weight you need to lose."

What words of advice would you give someone starting out on their fitness journey?

My advice to someone starting their fitness journey is to first understand why they're doing it. The journey has to be first and foremost for self and not to particularly please others because if you tag your goals with pleasing people, if they don't see improvement or gains that you see, then you'll end up disappointed. Another advice would be to not give up! No matter what, do not give up. Have a motivating factor somewhere in your mind during your workout session that'll push you to finish a rep or a set. Even if your body isn't seemingly changing drastically in the beginning don't get discouraged but look at the way you feel after a workout, most often energized and ready to take on the world. With a positive mentality gains will come!

Follow Stacy on IG @xo.anominn

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