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5 Tips To Win The Battle Against Stomach Bloat

I've struggled with stomach bloating for a while, and it can be SO annoying, especially when you're all dressed up and ready for a night of fun and your dress doesn't look right, or you look back at pictures and wonder " Why do I look like a balloon" lol

I've found that these five tips have helped me in my battle against bloating and hope that they can help you too!

1) Up Your Potassium Intake

This doesn't mean you have to buy capsules like me - lol you can add foods like tomatoes, citrus fruits, melon and asparagus to your diet to help get more potassium in as well.

Photo by Preston Knowles

2) Get Up & Get Moving

Exercise stimulates the bowels thus ending constipation- Thus helping fight the bloat that comes along with it.

3) Drink Lots of Water

At least 8 glasses of water daily will help flush your body of toxins and eliminate water retention. Coffee can also help stimulate the bowels and help to clean you out. 5 Tips To Win The Battle Against Stomach Bloat

4) Sip on Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea is known to relax the digestive tract and boosts normal peristalsis. Peppermint tea is also an excellent go to for alleviating stomach pains.

5) Cut out excess salts

I've found that this helps especially when increasing my water intake. If I have a big night ahead of me or special event, I always up my water intake and cut back on the salts to make sure I look and feel my best in my skin tight dress ;)

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